Technological Growth with no God or Spiritual Guidance

Brain Harvest

I read an article on the artificial human Russian Brain. One born in a laboratory, capable of thought and reason. Perhaps a pipe dream or not. Interesting reading but I think that if the artificial brain is to become really effective it would be based upon the model that we currently use, a computer. In one sense you, I and all the rest of us are nothing but bio computers. The difference is that our soul, that which makes us the creations of God most likely will not inhabit the artificial brain. That requires the spark of life from God.
The real need is not to make a growing living physical brain that needs blood to survive but to enlarge capability and the speed of computers. This is accomplished a greater capabilities in hardware and software.
Science once again his encroaching in territory that it has no place to be. That is illustrated very easily with Planned Parenthood which should be called the PP Society where death is just a wiz away. Planned Parenthood has taken the idea of organ donation and applied it to the abortion practice with deadly glee. The fetus is looked upon with distain, with a value not of life but great profit. Nothing that this cult of child sacrifice does or promotes can ever be seen as anything but as death with a smiley face with dollar signs for eyes.
Here a physical brain can be harvested but to what end. Is this used as a study model, as Einstein’s brain was cut and placed on glass slides or are some cells extracted or perhaps there is a purpose
that is yet to be discovered. Could a soul of another perhaps supernatural being be installed in the harvested brain, then placed in a body of a clone? Cloning sheep and other animals is now a fact, I would imagine that clones of humans exist beyond the bounds of our imaginations. There is one basic question that needs to be explored and as of yet, no public debate has been able to determine an answer and that is of the soul.
Would a clone have a mirror soul of the person being cloned? Would it have its own unique soul? Would the clone be able to exist if it in fact has no soul? Once these questions can be fully and factually then one question can be answered concerning the abortion issue, and that is this: When is the soul married to the body?
So far, we have so many brilliant minds across the world working with and worshiping Technology with no spiritual guidance. The mantra for this work and worship has the focus of only We can do it so we
should. Those scientist and researchers who question this approach as reckless and fraught with dangers are by and large shut out and shunned. Daring Do and Be Bold, and You Can Do It are chanted because Big Money is involved.
Hollywood along with TV have asked these questions in the form of Science Fiction movies, with the moral of the movie warning us to be aware of this looming danger. While this may not be the reality
now, as we struggle with the violence consuming us, the real danger will be in 25 or so years, in the generations of our grand children and beyond. The harvesting of fetus tissue and remains is something that never came up in any Science Fiction that I ever saw in mainstream media. This is what the nightmare really is. The Boogie man is Planned Parenthood. They may have started out in a benign fashion but have grown into something else. Technology will make their process more evil and easier, perhaps Planned Parenthood will be paying the abortion patients rather than the patients paying for the procedure.

Abortions have long been seen in some circles as a rite of passage and the domain of a select few women, with no input from the prospective fathers or other family members. The bosses at Planned Parenthood seek absolute power and funding all the while with this power comes absolute corruption of the Soul and Body. A horrible quest for
population control, power and personal gain a few. Very reminiscent of the Nazi purity final solutions with the same zeal, only Planned Parenthood smiles sweetly while killing those in the womb.
How does all this tie together, these both are encroachments into Gods domain. The gravest danger beyond unintended consequences is the very real danger of women or men trying to become as God or striving to replace God. That in itself is terrible awesome power that is beyond the capability of Mankind to understand or wield. It has not worked for others nor will it work now. From the ancient kings to the recent past to the present, men and women who did try eventually failed.
When Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, this was the warning for us not to assume to or think to become God. Made in his image, is not the same as being.


A Difficult Long Season

A Difficult Long Season.

A view of our landscape perceived through the lens of the length of time left, can be confusing as well as shedding light on things hidden, or perhaps on things we wish were still hidden.

Election time once more brings into retrospect things that at one time were murky and clouded; some things that many had hoped were dead issues yet have come back alive. Some things that bring out a violent response yet really are a symptom of much deeper problems, yet the symptom is easier to talk about, while achieving nothing toward the underlying issue.

This is nothing new nor should it be but does need to be pointed out from time to time, lest we be deceived with our own frailty of sight and knowledge.

Fears let fly, confusion abounds, anger surfaces and divisions that we thought were healed are exposed. The politics of the day demand that fears become amplified, pointed out and used as platform for political players that may not otherwise rise to the occasion of being noticed on the national stage, using drama and blame to try to point out just how reasonable a person is.

We have a bevy of candidates that offer little in the way of substance and lots of criticism for an opponent. There is no incentive for a candidate to actually develop a plan of action, much let execute said plan. All that is really needed is for a loud voice, rhetoric, beguiling smile and some loud deception. Wrap it up with religious symbols and zeal, the national or state flag, perhaps both and there you go. The only planning is focused into getting elected or staying in office, ensuring the money keeps coming in.   We also have some individuals so bombastic in delivery of thoughts, distorted ideas based on their inflated ego that the general electorate just smiles, winks and moves on in the agony of window shopping for a candidate.

Seduction and lies become the norm. Voters like to be beguiled, that way if things go wrong, the voter can say I was hoodwinked. Absolving the voter of any responsibility as they were wholly seduced out of an intelligent decision and therefore the liability is solely resting on the process and candidate.   In the recent past, say of 200 years, striving for public office filled with the desire and will to do good for the public was seen as something noble and grand. Once every few years one or two will rise to the surface, the voters then smile on the individual and the rest of the candidate field leave the battle wondering why they didn’t have the Right Stuff.

As we move at the breakneck speed of a snail towards election time, we need to realize and remember that the primary reason for voting is our individual financial state. Finances making what amounts to a moral decision as to whom our leaders of state are and will be. Never looking, never trying to understand the law of unintended consequences for the decision that is made in the ballot box .

This is not a problem unique to any one nation or group of peoples for the malady is shared by all.

Next up, the New World Order. Well perhaps.


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